April 18th, 2020.
It all started with an RP.


Two friends had just moved their characters into a mansion, allowing them to create new rooms for the characters to use. And that's when it hit one of them...

...what if we did something like this for the Neptunia community? Like...what if we took a bunch of Neptunia RPers, put them in a server, and gave them access to only one room at a time?

...and that someone just so happened to be me.
And with that idea in mind, The Neptunia Mansion was born: a project unlike anything the community had seen before. Despite the name, it's not limited to just the Neptunia community - it's just themed as such. With TNM-chan - a completely custom (and open source) bot - running the show, this RP server is unlike any RP server you've ever RPed in before. Plus, the community is truly something special - why not come stop by?

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